Mbonege beach

We had a free Saturday so we ventured west to Mbonege beach, a few kilometers up the road from Turtle beach.  Because this is a popular destination, the price was recently increased.  They now charge per head: 30 SBD/person for snorkeling and 100SB/person for diving.  This beach received its significant landmark on November 15, 1942, … Continue reading Mbonege beach

One Week In

We have been in the Solomons now for about one and a half weeks.  We spent our first few days settling into our new place, buying supplies, and orienting ourselves to Honiara.  I showed Mike the central market, local shops, cafes for coffee and AC, as well as some local cuisine.  We are borrowing a … Continue reading One Week In

Turtle Beach

Today we headed out to Turtle Beach.  Beaches in the Solomon Islands are all privately owned and usually have an entrance fee that is dependent on the size and type of car you have.  Turtle beach was SB$50 for the day in the car we borrowed.  Several people told us that the snorkeling there was … Continue reading Turtle Beach

An Extended Fiji Layover

Since coming back from the Solomon Islands last year, we both have been very busy!  Mike was managing many clients and changes at work.  I spent the year applying for grants, writing a research proposal and other theoretical papers to advance to candidacy.  I became a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology on June 13!  But then I … Continue reading An Extended Fiji Layover