The long overdue update…

It's been eight months since our last update. After New Zealand, we arrived back to Buala and proceeded to have no meaningful internet access. We have been updating via Instagram, and many of you have followed us that way. If you want to go back and enjoy eight months of photos, our Instagram accounts are … Continue reading The long overdue update…

A Few Days Down Under

I've wanted to visit Australia for as long as I can remember. Being this close to Australia but not having been there was driving me crazy.  So after a couple of months here in Honiara, I convinced Rachel that we should visit Austalia for some R&R.  Since most of the flights out of the Solomons … Continue reading A Few Days Down Under

Mbonege beach

We had a free Saturday so we ventured west to Mbonege beach, a few kilometers up the road from Turtle beach.  Because this is a popular destination, the price was recently increased.  They now charge per head: 30 SBD/person for snorkeling and 100SB/person for diving.  This beach received its significant landmark on November 15, 1942, … Continue reading Mbonege beach

Turtle Beach

Today we headed out to Turtle Beach.  Beaches in the Solomon Islands are all privately owned and usually have an entrance fee that is dependent on the size and type of car you have.  Turtle beach was SB$50 for the day in the car we borrowed.  Several people told us that the snorkeling there was … Continue reading Turtle Beach