Mbonege River Springs

A few hundred meters up the road from the Wreck of the Kinugawa Maru on Mbonege beach is the Mbonehe River (these names are all pulled from google maps and I’m wondering if some of them might be misspelled).  The sign at the house where we pulled off said: “Welcome to PawPaw River,” so I guess choose your name! About half the water running into the ocean from this river starts a short hike up from the road at Bonegi River Spring.  I’m not sure how much water is actually flowing out of the rocks of this spring, but it was enough to produce a beautiful little swimming hole with cold crystal clear water and feed a fairly good sized river with water.  The pool was basically a swimming treadmill if someone felt like using it as such.


Today we ventured up to the springs with our next door neighbors from SITAG, a various assortment of other expats, and the local landowner Simon. The hike up to the springs was fairly flat and easy and took about 30 minutes with a couple easy river crossings.  Along the way, we walked through an old World War II US military small arms range where Simon claims they still dig up piles of old brass.


Once we arrived, Mike found his happy place in the cold water and also found some local wildlife crawling on a friend’s back.

The water was so clear and refreshing! We all enjoyed the swim!  Mike joined a few people who floated back down the river, which would have been much smoother with an intertube!  All in all, we had a nice relaxing day and enjoyed the cooling off in the springs with friends!



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