A Rainy Afternoon

Mike and I had hoped to go on a hike today to a waterfall, but there wasn’t room in the cars, so that will be an adventure for a different weekend. It turned out alright though. Since it rained all day, the friends who went were probably slipping and sliding the whole time! So what did we do on a rainy afternoon? Bake of course! Since this is the first time it has been cloudy all day and below 90 degrees (currently 77 F at 6:30 pm), it seemed like the perfect time to bake!

I made yellow squash bread (ie pumpkin bread) from scratch! (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the squash before it was cooked and mashed!)  The bread turned out amazing for my first Solomon Islands baking experience! Mike said that it was perfect!  I really enjoyed baking.  It made my heart happy.  It’s amazing how something like baking can soothe my soul.  Plus, it is a little touch of home as some of you are beginning to experience Summer as it turns to Fall. Our weather will be turning to Spring soon (ie even more rain), but at least we can enjoy a taste of Fall.

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