An Extended Fiji Layover

Since coming back from the Solomon Islands last year, we both have been very busy!  Mike was managing many clients and changes at work.  I spent the year applying for grants, writing a research proposal and other theoretical papers to advance to candidacy.  I became a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology on June 13!  But then I jumped straight into teaching a class for the first time during the month of July.  It was a great experience but more work than I originally thought. Soon as that was finished we went into moving mode: renting our rooms, sorting, packing up our house, packing for the trip, etc.  All that to say, we were ready for some rest before this next stage of our journey!

The cheapest and easiest way to reach the Solomon Islands from California is LAX to Fiji, Fiji to Honiara (via Vanuatu).  Usually, you end up with a 6-10 hour layover in Fiji.  Instead of staying in the airport, Mike and I booked 3 nights and 3 days in Fiji.  We stayed at the Shangri Las Resort on the Coral Coast of Fiji.  It was lovely!

Our room was spacious and the bed comfortable, which helped us overcome jet lag from 11 hours of flying and 17 hour time change.

Shangri Las Fiji Room

Our room had a beautiful ocean view from the veranda where we enjoyed morning tea and read in the afternoons.  We could see beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and moonsets from our room.

Morning Tea Fiji

The sunsets from the resort were beautiful, (but the ones from our current veranda our even more lovely… see a future post!).  Below was a local Sunday School choir who came and sang at the resort to raise money for their village.  They sang songs in Fijian and English.  It was so fun to listen to and they were precious.

Sunday School Choir Fiji

The food at the resort was kind of pricey, but every restaurant had a view of the ocean either the lagoon or the coral reef.  So in some ways, we were just paying more for a view, which you do anywhere! A buffet breakfast was included with our stay so we enjoyed lots of food during a late breakfast, which held us over for an early dinner, so we saved some money!

Breakfast by the Sea

Since we were so tired from all the travels, we decided just to spend our time relaxing at the resort instead of doing tours.  In the future, we would love to go to another island for diving and snorkeling, but all our luggage made that difficult this time around!  However, the resort had plenty to do! It had a beautiful sandy beach with cabanas, two pools (and a third one under repairs), free rentals of kayaks and paddle boards, and the obstacle course seen below.  We did it all!  The obstacle course was MUCH harder than it looked!  When we went paddle boarding, it was so windy that I got taken way out from the wind and rescued by the lifeguards, so we stuck to the beach and snorkeling (pictures of that to come in another post!)

Obstacle Course Shangri Las Resort

All in all, it was a wonderful trip! We were able to catch up on much-needed sleep.  Rest, read, and relax before moving to the Solomons! I’m so glad we took this trip!

Fiji Sunset

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